"Heiken's Ark Ramona LB"
Heiken's Ark Ramona LB
Heiken's Ark Ramona LBHeiken's Ark Ramona LB
Heiken's Ark Ramona LBHeiken's Ark Ramona LB
Heiken's Ark Ramona LBHeiken's Ark Ramona LB
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28¼" Very Dark Brown Jennet w/NLP
DOB 9/11/05
MDR #46073
Birth Height: 19½"

Sire:  LUA Maxx's Little Buckaroo, 30 3/8" Black
     Grand Sire:  Spotted Acres Maxx, 32½" Black, NLP
             Great Grand Sire:   Untraced
             Great Grand Dam: Spotted Acres Ms. Piggy, 32¾" Brown 

      Grand Dam:  LUA Memorial Day's Angel, 31½" Brown
            Great Grand Sire:  LUA Jumpin Jack Flash, 31" Dark Brown
            Great Grand Dam:   LUA Doy Bob's Desert Flower 7, 34" Dark Brown/Gray-Dun

Dam:  Heiken's Ark Renee, 31¾" Very Dark Brown, NLP
     Grand Sire:   Heiken's Ark Top Gun, 29" Dark Brown
             Great Grand Sire: McLendon's 45 Magnum, 28¾" Very Dark Brown
             Great Grand Dam: Heiken's Ark Golden, 30¼" Dark Brown 

      Grand Dam:   Heiken's Ark Reba, 32¾" Dark Brown, NLP
             Great Grand Sire:  Heiken's Ark Rusty, 34" Dark Brown
             Great Grand Dam:  SS Sandy, 33" Dark Brown

What a dark little doll she is. Her dam is a very nice 31 3/4" dark brown daughter of Top Gun. Her sire is 30 3/8" Little Buckaroo who is drafty and black with no cross. We purchased Ramona at The Great American Miniature Donkey Sale in Ohio on July 28th, 2007. We are so pleased with her! She is as sweet as she can be. She is so tiny that we waited until she was almost four years old to bred her. She is best friends with Stardance.

A special 'Thank You' to Dick and Kathy Heiken for consigning this very special donkey to The Great American Donkey Sale and allowing us to purchase her!

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