Pull-String Toy
Pull-String ToyPull-String Toy
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Dark Brown Jennet w/NLP
DOB 4/15/10 @3:29pm
Birth Height:  19 ½" ~ Birth Weight: 19 ¼ lbs.
MDR #59254
Microchip ID# on file

Sire: Heiken's Ark Napoleon, 31 ½" Dark Tri-Colored Spot w/NLP
      Grand Sire:  Heiken's Ark Dandy, 30 ¼" Dark Spotted
      Grand Dam:  LN Nigeria, Grulla Brown/Gray w/NLP

Dam:  Heiken's Ark Ramona LB, 28 ¾"  Very Dark Brown, NLP
      Grand Sire: LUA Maxx's Little Buckaroo, 30 3/8" Black
      Grand Dam: Heiken's Ark Renee, 31 ¾" Very Dark Brown, NLP

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LOOK WHAT SHOWED UP AT OUR FARM!!!!! Is she real or is she a stuffed donkey on wheels??

As all of you know we get very excited about our jennets foaling. We get both excited AND anxious when the jennet is a maiden. Ramona is one of the smallest jennets we own, and, for that reason, we waited beyond her 3rd birthday to breed her. We chose Napoleon to be Ramona’s first “encounter” with a jack. Boy, are we pleased with that pairing. We will certainly have to do a repeat with this love mate.

Ramona basically spit herself out with this little girl. She is ever so tiny but has the biggest heart and personality you can imagine. She struts around wearing her thick dark brown coat, no light points, with head held so high you would think someone had a “string” around her neck taking their “pull-toy” for a stroll in the park.   It was unbelievable how perfectly balanced she looked immediately following her birth.  Joe and I were anxious to get her weight and height…..she was a 4 X 4 … 19 ½“ tall and weighed 19 ¼ lbs. She was about as big as a square stick of butter full of lots of sugar. She had all the ingredients of a square piece of delicious chocolate cake. Yum, Yum.. we could just smooch on her all day. Like a sweet piece of cake, we simply cannot get enough of “Pull- String Toy”.

Her call name is….”PSSST!” We stoop way down and just go Psst and she comes running to us to give and get those sweet hugs and kisses! Thank you, Sandy Dorris, for thinking of the perfect name for her!!

Pull-String Toy @ 3 Days Old

Close up video of live bith at Half Ass Acres!

Foaling replay on web cam thanks to Lizziee at Marestare!!!

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