Half Ass Acres Pony-Tailed Lass needs our help. Her miraculous birth was seen by many of us on Mare Stare the night of September 24th, 2007. The prayers of so many helped this precious little girl born that night without a tail or anus and more help is needed with her expensive surgery scheduled for Tuesday, November 6th, 2007.

To be a part of this effort to help Half Ass Acres Pony Tailed Lass, please send your donations, check or money order to:

Joe or Dayle Haworth
Half Ass Acres
2359 Feed Mill Road
Chapel Hill, Tennessee 37034

Donations may, also, be made directly to
their Pay Pal Account:  minidonks@united.net

Your donations, thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated and will certainly be used to see that Pony Tailed Lass receives the best treatment available. If any monies are raised above the amount of her care, they will be donated back to Mare Stare Cares. Thanks so much!