HHAA Levi, dark gray & white spotted jackHHAA Levi, dark gray & white spotted jack
HHAA Levi, dark gray & white spotted jackHHAA Levi, dark gray & white spotted jack
HHAA Levi, dark gray & white spotted jackHHAA Levi, dark gray & white spotted jack
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Dark Gray & White Gelding Prospect
DOB 3/23/09 @ 9:37pm
Birth Height:  21¼" ~ Birth Weight: 24.6 lbs
MDR #pending
Microchip ID#145126390A

Sire: Heiken's Ark Napoleon, 31½" Dk Brn/Blk/White Spotted w/NLP
      Grand Sire:  Heiken's Ark Dandy, 30¼" Dark Spotted
      Grand Dam:  LN Nigeria, Grulla Brown/Gray w/NLP

Dam:  Windcrest Gidget, 32" Black w/Cross & Star
      Grand Sire:  Springlake Black Magic, 31½" Black w/Cross
      Grand Dam:  Springlake Candy, 32" Brown

Another little spot…..The minute Gidget started her delivery of this little guy we could see it was going to be a spot. We watched with great excitement wondering about his spot pattern. As you can see in his pictures, his spots look as if he was hand painted with a little dab here, and a little dab there……those dark ears, dark eyes patches, big expressive eyes, dark hocks, and one dark pastern all make up the little guys “cute factor.” We have said he is dark gray but he has a few spots that are a bit darker and may just be black. Whatever the color, he is a real doll.

One of our viewers on Mare Stare suggested we name him Levi and it suited him to a tee. He surely wears that name very well. I can’t wait to dress him up in a pair of Levi Jeans. Taking his videos was a hoot. It was like he was playing a part in a real movie. He kept moving like he could hear the music and even did the “side-pass” for all of you to see. *See video Levi, 12 hours old* below.

It is so much fun having these babies so close together this year. We can hardly get our chores done for wanting to play with them. I should have said them wanting to play with us. It’s one big happy family in our mom and baby paddock at this time of year.

Joe keeps telling me I must sell some of these new babies. Wow, that is so tough but check back as I think we will be selling Levi to some lucky farm. He is such a social little guy that he is going to need an equine sidekick to keep him entertained.


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