Bumble Bee
a.k.a. Bumbles
Glow and her 2009  jennet foal, Bumble Bee, aka Bumbles
Bumble Bee, aka BumblesBumble Bee, aka Bumbles
Bumble Bee, aka BumblesBumble Bee, aka Bumbles
Bumble Bee, aka BumblesBumble Bee, aka Bumbles
Bumble Bee, aka Bumbles
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Red Jennet
DOB 3/22/09 @ 4:20pm
Birth Height:  20¾" ~ Birth Weight: 23.6 lbs
MDR #pending
Microchip ID#144859093A

Sire: Windcrest Firefly, 30½" Dark Red
      Grand Sire:  MGF Fiftyfire, 31½" Dark Red
      Grand Dam:  Windcrest Pinkee, 32" Red

Dam:  Jalan's Morning Glow, 30¾" Red
      Grand Sire:  Jalan's Carolina Red, 32" Red
      Grand Dam:  Sunset Acres Sweet Muffy, 32" Red

How do we begin…Where do we start?....God has blessed us, yet again, with another gorgeous dark red jennet from Glow. Every time I look at her I have to say, “Be still my heart”, as I take in all her beauty. Glow is the dam of Little Whiskey Girl, who was 18 ¾" tall at birth (this was before we weighed our foals) and Bee Sting, who was 21½" tall and 23 lbs. at birth, and now Bumbles. What a trio of beautiful red foals Glow has had for us. Of course, let’s don’t forget the contribution made by Firefly with Bumbles and Bee. What a great combination!

Taking pictures of Bumbles was a joy. She already has that show ring stand down pat and the looks to go right in the ring and say, “Look at me”, I’m here to win.” She has a perfect 10 score from us. Bumbles is compact, straight legs, and one of the cutest little heads you’ve ever seen. We love her dark, rich, cinnimon red color so much and marvel at the way she holds that head up so high using those gorgeous red ears that look like they are lined with white bunny fur.

You may have guessed it by now, but, she is not for sale at this time. She will make an excellent addition to our brood jennets in a few years, and, if we elect to do so, she will be yet another show ring beauty. Until that time we will spend our days admiring her elegance.


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